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I’m sitting here eating a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Which makes me think about dairy farmers. Which leads me to thoughts of the completely amazing malts (hot fudge, please!) at the Minnesota State Fair. Which brings me to this blog post. You know, about farmers and the State Fair. See …

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If you live in Minnesota and watch or read the local news, it’s been pretty hard to miss the almost daily reports of a deadline avian flu hitting turkey flocks in Minnesota. I’ve written about it for (most recently here) but I haven’t covered it too much on my blog. It’s hard to put …

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You guys! You know how I love me some turkey. And I’m especially fond of all the hard-working turkey farmers out there – like my new friend and blogger, Katie over at On the Banks of Squaw Creek. Katie and her husband raise turkeys in Iowa and I’ve been following her blog for quite a …

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Is anyone else literally shocked that we’re heading into Labor Day weekend? Weird! And somewhat sad (good-bye summer) … although I must admit I think I may be getting to the point now that I’m ready to get back to a normal schedule. It’s State Fair time in Minnesota right now, so Joe and I …

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Happy Sunday night, everyone! I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet right now, mainly because I want to share a blog post I wrote for my “Women in Ag” series over on This week marks my 20th year working for the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and in honor of that, I came …

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